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The Story

What Dragonball/Z/GT is all about!

In the begining there were the saya-jins; they were a strong and warlike race that saw itself as the most superior race in the entire universe. They had increadible fighting abilities, their strength would increase after every battle, even if they lost! That is why the evil Freiza sought to use them to further his own diabolical schemes. At first he used them as regular foot soldiers to go and find valuble planets and make them 'suitable' for sale, which usually meant stearalizing it. Eventually Freiza realized that with their ability to grow stronger after every battle could soon make it impossible to keep his place at the top of the food chain. He wasn't the only one who thought thast way though. King Vegeta also saw the possibility of a rebelion against the tyranical Freiza. So when Freiza ordered King Vegeta to give up his son to him so he could ensure the saya-jins co-operation. King Vegeta agreed, but only so he could launch a surprise attack against Freiza. This is were the saya-jin ego got in the way; he assumed that he was much stronger than freiza and wouldn't face much difficulty at all. How wrong he was. To make a long story short, Freiza killed King Vegeta destroyed planet Vegeta, and held Prince Vegeta hostage.
Freiza was now possitive that he had nothing to worry about because the only Saya-jins left alive were his hostages, right?